Customer Reviews

"This place is the best. Not only is the Pho delicious but the owners/staff are amazing. We used to go often and they always treated us like family. We had to leave LA for a year and a half for work, but when we moved back it was one of our first meals. They recognized us, were excited to see us and even brought out a bunch of stuff for our toddler and didn't charge us. This is a great local spot with excellent food that should 100% be supported by the community. And bonus for being so friendly with our child when a lot of places in LA turn up their noses to people with kids."

Jonathan M.

Customer Reviews

"When it comes to Pho, the BROTH is everything, and this place nails that. (Try their meat lover's pho!)

Then come the food quality, ambiance, location, cleanliness, etc. Well this place gets those right too. (Try their noodles. Yum!)

Now add fun friendly servers to that. Perfect. Thanks!"

Nini S.

Customer Reviews

"2 Thumbs up! Waaaay up!

I am no expert on Vietnamese Cuisine; however I would eat this every night! I have had the fancy dishes (and prices!) of Crustacean, but I would put my money on Chateau Lemongrass.

I ordered the Garlic Noodles with Shimp and the Lemongrass Grilled Chicken over vermicelli. OMG! I barely tasted these two dishes--both socked my taste buds to the moon. The Lemongrass Chicken Bun was filled with clean, lean meat, basil and grilled jalapeños, plentiful noodles and crisp lettuce in a bed underneath it all! The Garlic Noodles were better than any I have had anywhere! Thick and chewy egg noodles, fresh garlic for days, sautéed in butter and Parmesan.

Just a warning they do use MSG but crazy good--maybe even enough for a last meal!"

Therese G.

Customer Reviews

"We love Chateau Lemongrass! The food is always amazing. Spring Rolls are great- always have to get those. Service is really great all the time too. We have started coming here almost once a week, it's so good, price is really reasonable and the service. We'll be back soon!"

Margo H.

Customer Reviews

"This is my favorite PHO place ever I been. I've been coming this place for the last seven or eight years I've been so many Pho places in California none of them are good enough like this place. Excellent service even sometimes the owner serving to clients the food. Thank you guys great service and food you serving us. Love your place so much."

Arman S.